Add a "Then remove tags from member" action in a workflow

You can use the "Then remove tags to member" action to organize your email lists and keep track of important information regarding your subscribers. By selecting this action, your list will always stay relevant to the needs of your business.

To add a Then remove tags to member action in a workflow:

  1. Click + below any part of your workflow where you want to add a Then remove tags to member action. In the example below, the "When someone subscribes to any list" trigger has been selected.

  2. The Select action dialog opens with the Conditional/Control steps tab in the left menu.Snag_6115477.png
  3. Click the Actions tab.

  4. Click the arrow beside the Then remove tags to member action. The Then remove tags to member dialog appears.
  5. In the Tags field, enter one or more tags that you want to remove from a member. To add multiple tags, enter each tag and then press Enter.
  6. Click Save.