How can you use an automation to trigger another automation

A.  Finding the Actions
1. In the example used below, the "When someone subscribes to any list" trigger has been selected. After you have set the Trigger of your choice, click on the + button, located at every intersection on your workflow.use_automation_to_trigger_another_1.png

A pop-up window appears.

2. Choose the Actions tab, on the pop-up that appears.


3. Click on the Then trigger another automation action to add it to your workflow.use_automation_to_trigger_another_2.png


B. Setting up the Action

1. Select which of your other automation workflows you want to trigger at this step of your design.use_automation_to_trigger_another_3.png

The automation that you select here, can have any of the available triggers. You just need to make sure that the automation you choose is already active so that it can be triggered.

2. Click on the Save button.

Your Action step will be ready and waiting inside your workflow.

If you change your mind, rest assured that you can always edit your automation workflow to make it work in conjunction with the other automation that it triggers. Also, if you want to time things perfectly, don't forget to take a look at our practical Conditional / Control steps.