Add a "Then unsubscribe from list" action in a workflow

If you want to create an automation that unsubscribes people from your email lists, then you can use the "Then unsubscribe from list" action. As long as you have first set up a Trigger you can easily set up an action to unsubscribe recipients from a specific list or all mailing lists.

To add a Then unsubscribe from list action in a workflow:

  1. Click + below any part of your workflow where you want to add a Then unsubscribe from list action. In the example below, the "When someone subscribes to any list" trigger has been selected.

  2. The Select action dialog opens with the Conditional/Control steps tab in the left menu.Snag_6115477.png
  3. Click the Actions tab.

  4. Click the arrow beside the Then unsubscribe from list action. The Then unsubscribe from list dialog appears.
  5. Select whether you want to unsubscribe the contact from all your email lists or from a specific one, using the drop-down menu. Your options are:
    • (Unsubscribe from) All email lists and never send again
    • (Unsubscribe from) Only from list [List Name]
      Note: Choosing a specific list means that the list member will remain active on all other email lists apart from the one you selected.
  6. Click Save.