Can you limit the number of emails your automations send out

Setting up automation workflows is easy but it still requires some measure of thinking and planning ahead. You should ask yourself what you want your automation to achieve. What is your automation taking care of that you don't want to have to do manually and how often should it do it?

If you have set your automation up so that it sends out email campaigns on certain occasions, or if you used one of our neatly designed recipes, then you might also want to limit how often the automation sends out email campaigns to your subscribers, site visitors, etc.

There are actually two different places during the automation design where you can set limits of this kind:

A. Limiting the frequency of your trigger

First, you can set a limit on the number of times your automation's trigger is set off.limit_number_emails_automations_send_1.png

One of the parameters of the trigger allows you to choose whether your Automation will be triggered only the first time, or every time the triggering event occurs. Specifically, you can choose whether the trigger is set off:

  • for every open / only on the first open
  • for every click / only on the first click
  • for every subscription / only on the first subscription 
  • for every unsubscription / only for the first unsubscription
  • on every change / only on the first change 
  • for every page view / only on the first page view
  • for every exit intent / only on the first exit intent
  • for every purchase / only on the first purchase
  • every time someone adds a product / only the first time someone adds a product


B. Limiting the number of automated emails
Additionally, you can set a cap on the emails sent per day to each recipient.limit_number_emails_automations_send_2.png


While setting up the Then send email campaign actions of your automation, the Emails per day option allows you to choose between:

  • Unlimited
  • Up to 1 email
  • Up to 2 emails 
  • Up to 3 emails 
  • Up to 4 emails 
  • Up to 5 emails 

Make sure that you learn more about the Emails per day you can set up as well as the different triggers available and their options.