Use a loop within your automation workflow

Sometimes, it might be useful for you to create a loop between two steps in your workflow, in order to further optimize the way in which it operates. 

To use a loop within your automation workflow:

  1. Click and hold the arrow icon at the bottom of the step in your workflow which you want to link to an earlier step in order to create a loop.create_loop_within_automation_1.png
  2. Keeping the icon clicked, drag your cursor back into your workflow, and release it (drag and drop) onto the earlier step to which you wish to link the end of your workflow.create_loop_within_automation_2.png
  3. In the pop-up window which appears, set the duration of your loop.create_loop_within_automation_3.png
    You have two options:
    i. Click on the Stop looping when tab (the default option) and type in the number of minuteshoursdays, or months (select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu) that you wish the loop to continue for.create_loop_within_automation_4.png
    ii. Alternatively, click on the Loop for at most tab, and then, in the appropriate field, type in the maximum number of times that you wish the loop to occur.create_loop_within_automation_5.png
  4. Click Save. You have now created a loop between these two steps of your automation workflow, which means that the steps included between them, repeatedly run for each user, for as long as you have set them to do so.

Note:  If you hover your cursor over the looped step at the end of your workflow, colors the loop bright green, so that it may be more easily discerned within your workflow.create_loop_within_automation_6-new.png

In our example, the loop will run for 15 minutes and will check if the recipient performing the action is Verified for double opt-in.