How can you merge two of the steps contained within your automation workflow

Our platform's Automation Workflows are a powerful tool, allowing you to grow your lists and optimize your sales in the easiest, most efficient way possible. They also offer you endless flexibility in terms of their design; for example, you may sometimes wish to connect two steps within your workflow, in order to achieve your desired outcomes. 


Let's see how you can do that:

1. Click on the arrow icon below the last step in a part of your automation's workflow, which you wish to connect to a future step in another part of your workflow.merge_steps_within_automation_1.png

Please note that in order to be able to create a merge between two steps, your flow needs to have been split. This, for example, will happen when using a Filter (If condition / Else) step.

2. Keeping the icon clicked, drag and drop it onto the step you wish to make the connection to.merge_steps_within_automation_2.png

Once you drop it onto a step, a new merge step, bearing the label Then go to another step, will be created at the point within the workflow that you clicked on the arrow button. You have now connected two steps in your automation's workflow that were originally not connected, allowing you to move forward in the way that you have chosen.
Please note that once your flow reaches the step Then go to another step, your flow will continue running from the step that is connected with the step Then go to another step, and onwards.

3. Leave your cursor on the step you connected, so that the link between the two steps lights up, making it easier to discern within your workflow.merge_steps_within_automation_3.png

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