How can you use notes within your automation workflow

Our platform's automation workflows are not just really effective in terms of optimizing your sales; they also include tons of features designed to make your life easier. One such feature is the option to use internal notes within your automation workflow if you wish to. This enables you to communicate internally about your automation in a faster and more productive way. 

Let's see how you can do this:

1. Once inside your automation workflow, go to the step to which you wish to add a note.add_note_to_automation_workflow_1.png


2. Click on the Note icon on its right side.


3. Type your note into the appropriate field in the window which appears.add_note_to_automation_workflow_2.png


4. Tap on the Save button to save the note.


Keep in mind that you can add more than one note to a step, by opening the step's notes, clicking on the Add button, and following the process described above.add_note_to_automation_workflow_3.png


5. To discard a note, or to delete a note that you had previously added to a step, open your step's notes window and then click on the trash icon located next to the note you wish to delete.add_note_to_automation_workflow_4.png


Check out the details on how to use actions and control steps in your automation workflow, to make sure you will be getting the most out of your automation.