What is the "Email per day" parameter in a workflow?

Among the different automation recipes, Welcome Emails and Abandoned Cart are good examples of automation workflows that send out email campaign(s) when the conditions of their triggers are met. This can occur several times during a day, so just to be certain that your automation doesn't overwhelm your subscribers with too many email campaigns, you can set a daily cap on the number of emails a step can send out to them using the Emails per day parameter.


This parameter offers the following options:

  • Unlimited
  • Up to 1 email 
  • Up to 2 emails 
  • Up to 3 emails 
  • Up to 4 emails 
  • Up to 5 emails 

If your automation workflow contains several actions of the Then send email campaign type, the number of emails your subscribers will receive might exceed the cap that you have set for each step; meaning that each step is limited by the parameter, but adds up to the total.

If you created an automation workflow that contains a Then send email campaign action step and you set it up so it can send out an Unlimited number of email campaigns per day. If one particular subscriber triggers your automation multiple times during the same day, they will receive multiple campaigns, which might not be the desired outcome.

If you set up the Then send email campaign action step and select the Up to 1 email option insteadthen even if the particular subscriber triggers the automation multiple times during the same day, they will receive only one campaign.

If the same automation contained two Then send email campaign action steps, each one set to Up to 1 email, then a subscriber triggering the automation multiple times during the same day would receive two email campaigns maximum, one from each action step.