What is the Weather Conditions Filter and how can you use it in a workflow

Once you start using the available conditional / control steps to create your own automation workflow, you will notice that one of the options available is called "Filter by weather conditions in contact's location". This type of conditional filter checks the weather conditions in the recipient's location and breaks up your workflow into two sections, based on what the weather at that specific location currently is.

For this filter to work properly you must choose a trigger from either the Email engagement or the Website engagement categories, out of the available trigger types so that our platform finds out the recipient's IP address and recognizes their location. Remember that the Website engagement category also requires that you have set up your account in our platform so that it identifies your website users. 

To add the weather conditions filter to your automation workflow, follow the steps below:

A. Setting the filter up

1. Click on the Filter by weather conditions in contact's location option.weather_conditions_filter_1.png


2. Choose one of the available weather conditions from the drop-down menu.weather_conditions_filter_3-new.png

Your options are:

  • Fog
  • Rains
  • Snows
  • Clear Skies
  • Clouds
  • Extreme Conditions

3. Click on the Save button.


B. Overview
Here is a simple example of how the Filter by weather conditions in contact's location step can be put to good use.weather_conditions_filter_2.png

The automation starts when one of your subscribers clicks on any link in any campaign. The Filter by weather conditions in contact's location step is set up so that it checks whether or not it is raining at the recipient's location - if it indeed happens to be raining, then an email with subject "Don't forget your umbrella" will be dispatched.