What is the Split Flow step and how can you use it in a workflow

Our platform's Automation Workflows include various useful actions, enabling you to optimize your sales in the most efficient way possible. One such action is the Split Flow, which, when added to your automation workflow, your flow will be randomly split, based on a percentage that you set.  


Let's take a closer look at how you can use it inside your workflow:

1. Click on the plus sign on any part of your workflow where you wish to add a Split Flow step.split_flow_step_1.png


2. Make sure that you're on the Conditional / Control Steps tab on the pop-up that appears - it is the default option.


3. Click on the Split Flow option.split_flow_step_2.png


4. In the window that appears, toggle the cursor to the left or to the right, to set your desired percentage split (the default is a 50/50 split), then click on the Save button.split_flow_step_3.png

A pop-up message will appear at the bottom of your screen, informing you that your automation was successfully updated.

Keep in mind that when the split flow occurs, the actual split percentages are likely to be a close approximation of the percentages that you have previously set.

You can continue adding Actions and/or Conditional/ Control steps in both parts of your Split Flow (left and right) so that your automation performs exactly as you want it to.