What is this link you see on the footer of your campaigns and can you remove it

Adhering closely to the CAN-SPAM guidelines, every email sent using our platform must have an obligatory One-click Unsubscribe link on its footer area, giving each of your subscribers the option to unsubscribe from your campaigns if they choose to do so.

This option cannot be completely removed from your newsletters - and you wouldn't want to do that either way. We provide you with all the tools necessary to fully integrate it as part of your newsletter so that it fits seamlessly among the other items of your design. Just make sure you customize the way it is displayed. Then, place it inside your HTML, wherever you think it looks best, using the dedicated Unsubscribe Link personalization tag available (namely #unsubscribeLink#).
Don't forget to check a list of all the personalization tags available, to see if there is any other item inside your design that would benefit from automatically getting customized to each recipient who receives your campaign.