Save a Clone block

Clone blocks are really practical and time-saving. You get to keep design parts that you want to use frequently, among the other available structures, so that they are always at your disposal.
Creating a Clone block means you are saving it for later use. First, you will have to design a structure exactly how you like it, just as you would design any other structure using our platform's Campaign Editor. Make sure that you bring your structure's design to the level of completion you desire, as that is how it is going to appear whenever you wish to add it to your future designs.

Here is how you can save it:
1. Click on the floppy-shaped save symbol, appearing on the right side of each row when you hover your mouse over it, to save it as a clone block.save_clone_block_editor_1.png


2. Fill in the name for your custom container.


Make sure it is something memorable.

3. Click on the Save Container button.

Your newly created clone block will retain its settings as well as any content included in the Elements you have placed inside it. Remember, you can only save one row at a time but you are free to create as many clone blocks as you like.

4. Locate your clone blocks under the Structures list, represented by yellow icons.save_clone_block_editor_3.png

Remember that you can use the clone blocks to save those parts of your own designs that you use frequently (e.g. headers, footers, etc) or even get some ideas from our template library and use them whenever you want.