Create a Clone block using our platform's Templates

It might be that you have found a part of one of our platform's Templates to your liking or that a structure inside one of the templates we designed for you works perfectly for your future campaign designs.
If that is the case, all you have to do is save it as a Custom container and you will be able to reuse it at any point when using our platform's Campaign Editor to create your own designs.

Let's see how it's done:

A. Creating a Clone block
After choosing that perfect template design in the Template Library:
1. Click on the floppy-shaped save symbol, appearing on the right side of a template's row when you hover your mouse over it, to save it as a clone block.create_clone_block_from_templates_1.png


2. Fill in the name for your custom container.create_clone_block_from_templates_2.png

Make sure it is something memorable.

3. Click on the Save Container button.

Your newly created clone block will retain its settings and content exactly as you found it on our template. It is now ready and waiting for you to modify.

B. Using your Clone block

Once you have started your own design, either by discarding the template or by starting a new design from scratch:
1. Make sure you are on the Structure list.

You will find all the clone blocks you have created represented by yellow icons right below the standard structures. They work exactly like any other container so they belong exactly where you will be using them the most.

2. Drag and drop your custom container, into the appropriate design area.create_clone_block_from_templates_3.png


3. Modify the container and its content to perfectly fit your design's needs by using its settings.create_clone_block_from_templates_4.png

Don't forget that you can create clone blocks out of any part of your own designs that you want to use frequently (e.g. headers, footers, etc).