Different automation recipes in Moosend

Moosend offers you a list of public recipes that serve as starting points for your own automation designs. They don't require many changes, all you have to do is choose the one that fits your current needs and then customize it accordingly. You can modify, add or remove steps to transform each recipe into the exact automation you want; you can also create your own recipes.
To use the automation recipes:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Automations tab.Snag_104fdf7.png
  2. On the Automations page, hover your mouse over New, and click From recipe.Snag_11626b9.png
  3. On the Automation Recipes page, navigate the list of recipes you can use as a starting point for your own automation design. 
    Some of the most popular are:
  4. To search for a recipe, on the Search bar, enter the title or keyword of the recipe you are looking for. Tip: You can use the title of a recipe or practical keywords like 'cart', 'purchase', or 'unsubscribe' to help you filter the different automation recipes. Look at both the title of each recipe and the short description underneath it.  The title of each recipe is self-explanatory on most occasions, but even if you find that it doesn't help you understand its purpose, the description underneath it  provides some insights about how the automation gets triggered and for which usage it is most suitable.
  5. To use a recipe, click the recipe's title or the arrow next to it. The automation recipe opens on a new page. The page contains the recipe's steps, which you can modify, remove, or add to exactly as you would when designing a new automation workflow from scratch. Snag_154811fe.png
  6. On the left tab, the tasks list contains each remaining task in your workflow and the step to which it belongs. You must complete all the tasks contained in each step of the workflow to get your automation working. Until all tasks are completed, your automation has an Incomplete status. You don't need to complete the tasks unless you want to actually use the automation.
  7. You can modify, remove, or add to the current steps, and design your own recipe. Click Save as recipe when you are done with your changes.
  8. Fill out the required fields for Recipe Name, Recipe Description, and Recipe Industry. You must give your recipe a practical name and a useful description, something that you will easily remember when searching for it at a later date.
  9. Click Save. Your new recipe is added among all the other available recipes in the Automation recipes page. 
  10. To delete any of the recipes you have created, click Snag_155249b7.pngnext to the recipe name.Snag_15503fce.png
  11. On the pop-up window that appears, click OK to proceed with deletion.
  12. To edit any of the recipes, click Snag_1552f0d4.pngnext to the recipe name. You can add, remove or edit its steps on your workflow as usual.