What is the "Click Tracking" widget

The first thing that you need to do when creating your own Custom Report is to select the different widgets that you would like displayed. As you might already know, you can add the widgets that suit you best by choosing from the different widget categories available and then explore their amazing potential.


Τhe Mailing Lists Category is divided into two subcategories for you to choose widgets from: Mailing List that includes information regarding your email list performance and Members that includes information regarding your members' activity.

In the Mailing List subcategory, one of the widgets included is named "Click Tracking". This widget offers statistics about the members of a specific mailing list who clicked on links contained in a campaign you sent during a given time period. Please note that said widget can be filtered by Mailing list.


1. Select the Click Tracking widget by clicking on the Add button and then tap on Save. click_tracking_widget_1.png

Your Custom Report has already been filtered by the most recent mailing list, therefore this filter will be applied to the widget selected as well. Note that in this widget you can also change the time period of the data given.


2. In case you want to change the selected mailing list, tap on the corresponding field at the top of the widget's frame. A drop-down menu with all your mailing lists appears, allowing you to select the list by which you want your widget filtered. If you wish to change the time frame as well, click on the calendar icon at the top of the window's frame.click_tracking_widget_2.png

After tapping on the time frame field that is now displayed at the top of the widget's frame, a calendar will appear at the top of your custom report's page. You can select the specific dates, by which you need to filter your widget. Note that the date filter used will affect the entire custom report since it will be applied to all widgets that are filtered by date.


Please keep in mind that there are several filters to choose from that can be applied to the corresponding widgets. Furthermore, you can always export the data of each widget in order to have them at your disposal at all times.