Add emojis in your subject line

Adding emojis or symbols in the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns can help increase the open rate of your campaigns if used correctly. Emojis are typically effective when a recipient opens your newsletter from a smartphone. You can target your campaigns using emojis to subscribers who usually open newsletters using their smartphones.

To add emojis:

  1. Open the campaign you want to work on and go to the Set basic settings step.
  2. In the Subject line field, enter the text of your campaign, click emoji_icon.png and then select the symbol you want to use from the emoji gallery.
  3. If you can't find the emoji you are looking for in the gallery, copy the symbols (e.g. ☂ ☁ ✈) from another application, and then paste them into the Subject line field.
    Note: Certain symbols don't have a keyboard shortcut assigned to them, so you must use the Copy & Paste function of your keyboard to insert them.
  4. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to the symbols, find the symbol you need in your word processor and assign a shortcut to the symbol. You can use the shortcut to insert the symbol as you would insert any letter. 
    Note: To do this, click Insert and choose the symbol from the dialog box. After choosing the symbol, look for the Shortcut Key item to assign a shortcut key. For example, if you want to assign the Alt+3 shortcut to the heart symbol ♥, click Assign and then press the Alt+3 button combination on your keyboard. Every time you want to add ♥ you just press the Alt+3 on your keyboard.  Similarly, the sun symbol ☼ is Alt+15. You can find more details on all symbols and their shortcuts.