Does deleting an email list affect your campaigns?

Our platform gives you full control over your email marketing email lists. You can create an email list, segment it or duplicate it without it having an effect on the total number of your recipients. You can also rename or even delete an email list at any time.

However, if the email list you intend to remove has been associated with a campaign (meaning if you have previously sent out a newsletter to this list), deleting it will have some effects that you need to keep in mind:

  • Your personalization tags will not work anymore. So, let's say you have previously sent out a campaign to the subscribers of the specific list you want to delete, using personalization tags (e.g. their first name, email, forward link, etc.) After deleting the list, the aforementioned tags will no longer work properly in case one of your recipients happens to reopen your newsletter after you have deleted the list to which he belonged.

  • All reporting associated with the specific list will stop and will also be deleted from your account in our platform.

It is highly recommended that before you choose to delete any of your email lists, you first make sure to export any reporting that you consider necessary and that you do not want to lose.