How A/B split testing improves your campaign's performance

The A/B split test campaign is one of our platform's features that can help improve your campaign efforts. Through A/B split testing, you can figure out which of the two versions of your newsletter is more appealing and effective to your recipients.

You can likewise check how your recipients interact with two different versions of the same campaign and decide which one is the best one for you to use. Variations over your subject line, your campaign content, or even the campaign senders can be quickly put to the test. Here are some example use cases:

  • Subject line
    Changing your subject line even slightly, using clever punctuation or icons, can boost your open rate significantly. If you can't decide between two subject lines for your newsletter campaign, you can use the A/B split test campaign type and send the same campaign with a different subject line. Set your winning criteria so that our platform checks which subject line attracted more attention. 

  • Campaign content
    The campaign content can affect the performance of your newsletter. You can use A/B split test campaign type to check different HTML content, variations in messages or images, to see which one has the best performance. The winning campaign is the one that gets your message out more effectively.

  • Sender
    If you can't decide whether to set your campaign sender as a specific person instead of your company name, you can also use the A/B split test campaign type and send the same campaign with different senders. You can check what type of sender is more effective to your recipients.

You can define the percentage of your recipients to include in your "test group". The actual recipients are randomly picked up by our platform, and based on their reaction to your campaign variations, the best campaign is selected and dispatched to the rest of your list. That way the most successful version gets sent out to the majority of your list.