What icon styles can you use on Social Follow elements

Your email marketing campaigns are not just a tool to promote your products and your services, they are an integral part of letting people know what your company is all about and that includes sharing with your subscribers the other parts of your internet image.

We have made sure that there are enough icon styles to fit your design needs, so let's take a look at how you can change them and what the available options are:

1. Click on the Settings icon that appears when you hover your mouse over your Social Follow elements.icon_styles_in_social_follow_elements_1.png


2. Scroll down to the Icon style field and tap on it to check the available options.icon_styles_in_social_follow_elements_2.png


The first few are based on very common color requirements:

Your options are:

  • default
  • blue
  • grey circle
  • grey round thin
  • mint round thin
  • peach circle

The next round is based on white but also includes some semi-transparent options.

The semi-transparent options, depicted with a red background above, make for an easy fit to any color scheme you might be using. Your options are:

  • white circle
  • white half circle
  • white half roundsquare
  • white half solid
  • white roundsquare
  • white solid
  • white square

The last options revolve around black as the main color.

Once again there are semi-transparent options, depicted with a red background above, which can work with any color scheme. You can choose between:

  • anthracite square
  • black half round
  • black half roundsquare
  • black half solid
  • black round
  • black roundsquare
  • black solid
  • black square