Change the Old Price Styles of your Product element

Our platform's Campaign Editor is an amazing tool that allows you to create beautiful and stylish campaigns with ease, and then customize them according to the needs of your business. One of the ways you can change the look of your Product is by adjusting the style of its Old Price.


Let's see how it's done: 

1. Hover over your product and click on the Settings icon to display its settings on the top side of your Campaign editor page.product_element_and_old_price_style_1.png


2. Thenscroll down the Product settings and click on the Old Price Styles option to expand the menu.product_element_and_old_price_style_2.png


You are now presented with quite a few ways to alter your product's Old Price. 

  • Padding
    Use the up/down arrows to choose how much padding you would like to have within the product's Old Price. Alternatively, type the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

  • Font Color
    Use the color palette to select a color for the product's Old Price.

  • Font Family
    Select a font for your Field out of a drop-down menu.

  • Font Size
    Set the desired font size for the product's Old Price either by using the up/down arrows or by typing the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

  • Alignment
    Use the drop-down menu to choose the alignment of your Old Price. You have three alignment options to choose from: Center, Left, and Right.