Change the Code / SKU Styles of your Product element

One of the ways you can change the look of your Product is by adjusting the style of its Code / SKU.


Let's see how it's done: 

1. Hover over your product and click on the Settings icon to display its settings on the top side of your Campaign Editor page.product_element_and_code_sku_style_1.png


2. Thenscroll down the Product settings and click on the Code / SKU Styles option to expand the menu.product_element_and_code_sku_style_2.png


You are now presented with quite a few ways to alter your product's Code / SKU. 

  • Padding
    Use the up/down arrows to choose how much padding you would like to have within the product's Code / SKU. Alternatively, type the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

  • Font Color
    Use the color palette to select a color for the product's Code / SKU.

  • Font Family
    Select a font for your Field out of a drop-down menu.

  • Font Size
    Set the desired font size for the product's Code / SKU either by using the up/down arrows or by typing the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

  • Alignment
    Use the drop-down menu to choose the alignment of your Code / SKU. You have three alignment options to choose from: Center, Left, and Right.