How can you send a campaign with dynamic images by just using personalization tags

If you would like to create dynamic content so that each of your recipients sees their own images according to their preferences or categories, our platform gives you the option to easily do so:


1. After you have selected a specific email list, click on the Create custom fields option, located on the left side of your page.send_campaign_with_dynamic_images_via_personalization_tags_1.png


2. Tap on the Add new custom field button.


3. Create a new custom field, as displayed below, and click on the Save custom field button to save it.send_campaign_with_dynamic_images_via_personalization_tags_2.png

In this case, this field’s tag is:  #recipient:Image# 


4. Update your list with the appropriate link that pertains to every recipient.send_campaign_with_dynamic_images_via_personalization_tags_3.png

You can also do this very easily with a simple API call.


5. Using the HTML Element in the Editor, add the #recipient:image# field.send_campaign_with_dynamic_images_via_personalization_tags_4.png


You are now ready to send your campaign, knowing that each of your recipients will receive the dynamic content pertinent to them.