Send a campaign with dynamic images using personalization tags

Moosend lets you create dynamic content for your campaigns so that each of your recipients sees their own images according to their preferences or categories.

To send a campaign with dynamic images:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab, and then click Email lists.
  2. On the Audience page, click a specific email list.
  3. In the menu, click Create custom fields.NEW3Createcustom.png
  4. Click Add new custom field and fill out the details to create a new custom field, for example, Image.
  5. Click Save custom field to apply your changes. In the above example, the field’s tag is  #recipient:Image# 
  6. In the menu, click View all members and update your email list by going to the Image field and adding the appropriate image URL for each recipient. NEW3addimageURL.png
    Note: You can also do this task a simple API call to update a subscriber.
  7. Click Update member.
    When you are creating your campaign design in the Campaign Editor, you can add an HTML item and add the #recipient:image# field in the HTML content. This enables sending your campaign to each of your recipients with dynamic content that you entered in the custom fields.