Add a Forward to a Friend link in a newsletter

We automatically insert a link on your email campaigns to allow your subscribers to forward your campaign to their friends if they so wish. The link is placed at the bottom of your newsletter, and it only appears when your recipients view your newsletter on their browser.

If you decide that you prefer to have the link at the bottom of your campaign to make the best out of it, you can just as easily insert a tag that will place it directly in the main content of your newsletter. 
Making the Forward to a Friend link more visible for your subscribers is very easy and you can do it with three different methods. Just follow the steps below:

A. Using the Campaign Editor
To add a Forward to a Friend link in the Campaign Editor:

  1. In the editor’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop the Text item to an empty container in the editing area.
    Note: We use Text in this example but you can choose any element type that lets you add text to it and one that best fits your campaign design. 
  3. Click the text item to display the Text settings in the editor’s right pane. 
  4. In the Content tab, in the text field, enter the text that you want to display as a Forward to a Friend link by typing it directly or pasting the text.
  5. Select the part of the text that you want to use as a link. The selected text is highlighted in blue.
  6. ClickAdd_link_icon.png or press Ctrl+L on your keyboard.
  7. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog, in the Personalization Tags drop-down menu, select Forward to a Friend Link.
  8. Click Save. The appropriate personalization tag appears in your design.


B. Using the Personalization Tags list

1. In the Design step of the Campaign Creation process, tap on the Imported Campaign template button or toggle the switch to Active.forward_to_friend_link_in_newsletter_3.png


2. Click on the Add personalization tags button.


3. On the Select tag drop-down menu, choose the Forward to a Friend Link option.forward_to_friend_link_in_newsletter_4.png


4. Place your cursor on the body of your newsletter's code, on the spot where you want the link to appear.forward_to_friend_link_in_newsletter_5.png


5. Click on the Insert tag button. Alternatively, click on Preview to check how the tag you choose to add will be displayed inside your design.

You will see that the #forwardToFriendLink# tag appears inside your HTML. The Forward to a Friend link which is automatically placed by our platform at the bottom of your campaign will disappear since you have already placed it inside your content. 

C. Inserting the tag manually

You can manually add the #forwardToFriendLink# tag to insert the Forward to a Friend link directly into the body of your HTML or inside your design using our Campaign Editor. Just copy and paste it from here:


When your subscribers click on this link our Forward to a Friend form appears, where they can add their info and their friend's info, along with an optional personal message to their friend.

Opting for forwarding your news and offers to your subscribers' friends who might be interested and making this option more visible is the first step. Don't neglect to give them some incentive to actually forward your campaigns - ideas like "Forward our newsletter to a friend and win a 10% discount on your next purchase" work great. Learn more about how important personalization tags are for your newsletter to fully understand why giving them such incentive is crucial for your campaign's success.