Connect Optimonk to Moosend

Optimonk is a powerful on-site retargeting tool that helps you convert prospects to qualified sales leads by presenting a customized message to your visitors when they are ready to leave your site. You can define where the pop-up appears, who should see the pop-up, and customize settings to make your campaigns stand out.

To connect Optimonk to Moosend:

  1. Log in to your Optimonk account and select a template.
  2. Select your campaign domain and click Create Campaign.2-create-campaign.png
  3. Click Save to save your campaign.3-save-1.png
  4. Go to Optimonk’s integrations section and click Setup.
  5. Select the Moosend email marketing service.
  6. In the API key field, enter your Moosend API key.6-api-key.png
  7. Click Test Connection. You can now transfer your Optimonk leads and visitors' email addresses to Moosend automatically.