Our platform's integration with Optimonk

Optimonk users are now able to automatically move their leads inside our platform, by integrating the two services.

Optimonk is a powerful on-site retargeting tool that helps you convert prospects to qualified sales leads by presenting a customized message to your visitors when they seem ready to leave your site. 


Check the range of settings you can determine per section below:

A) Defining where the pop-up appears

1. Click on the "On-exit intent" option. On the pop-up appearing, choose which devices you want this option to be applied to and click on Save.integration_with_optimonk_1.png

Use this parameter to catch a visitor that is about to leave your site.


2. Click on the "Add more triggers" section to further edit your options regarding your pop-up.


3. On the "After x seconds trigger", set the number of seconds after which the popup appears and click on Save.integration_with_optimonk_2.png

This trigger is useful when the visitor is already engaged with your page or if you want to create an entry popup on your website but don't want to scare people away when they have just visited.


4. On the "After x percent scrolling" trigger, set the percentage of the page that the user needs to scroll down before the popup appears and click on Save.

This is useful if you want to catch the attention of a visitor that has read a specific amount of your website's content. This trigger can successfully catch an active visitor's attention.


5. Define the parameters for the "On click to a specific area" trigger and click on Save.

Use this trigger if you have multiple links that you think can help convert visitors to leads. The link can be pretty much anything, a box, a link, a banner, etc.


Make sure you explore all the triggers provided as to where your pop-up will appear since you also have many parameters to choose from.



B) Defining who sees your pop-up

1. On the Frequency section, define the maximum number of 'X' times that your pop-up will appear per visitor and the time frame between the appearances selected. Then, click on Save.integration_with_optimonk_3.png

You can use this field when you want to show the popup more than one time to a visitor. The popup won’t be shown to the visitor again once he fills in his details. Finally, if a visitor closes it, it won’t be displayed until the page is refreshed or opened again (loaded again).


2. On the Spent on pages section, only visitors who have been on the current subpage for at least the 'X' seconds that you set will see your message. Click on Save.

If you want to show your pop-up only to visitors that have spent a certain amount of time then you should use this specific field.


3. Click on the "Add new condition" section to further edit your options.


4. On the Spent time section,  only visitors who have spent at least 'X' seconds on the entire website will see your message. Click on Save.


5. On the Engaged with Optimonk campaigns section, only visitors who have seen or filled in specific Optimonk campaigns that you will define will see your message.integration_with_optimonk_4.png

You can use this field to display a campaign depending on other campaigns. For example, once a popup is filled in, you can display the offer in a progress bar too.


You can set the following options regarding your visitors: 

1. Returning or new. If you have many visitors that return to your website but don't convert then this is the feature you need.


2. Visited URL. You can use this option to show the pop-up only to visitors who have visited one or more subpages of your website.


3. Number of visited pages. Select this field if you want your pop-up to be displayed to visitors who have some activity on your website.integration_with_optimonk_5.png


4. Country selector. A useful feature if you want to show your popup to visitors coming from other countries.


5. Exclude page visitors. In case you don’t want to show a popup to a visitor that has already subscribed or purchased something from your website this is the option you need to use.


Make sure you explore all the conditions provided as to who will be able to see your pop-up since you also have many parameters to choose from.


C) Integrating our platform with Optimonk

In order to activate the integration between our platform and Optimonk, just follow the below steps and start increasing your website conversions within minutes:


1. Log in to your Optimonk account and select the template you need.


2. Select your campaign domain and click on Next.integration_with_optimonk_6.png


3. Click on the Save button to save your campaign.integration_with_optimonk_7.png


4. On the Edit settings section of your campaign, click on the "Add integration" option.integration_with_optimonk_8.png


5.  Select the Moosend email marketing service.


6. Retrieve Moosend’s API Key that is required for authentication by logging in to your account in our platform. Then, tap on Done.integration_with_optimonk_9.png


7.  You are now ready to transfer your visitor's email address to our email marketing platform.