Add a close icon or close text to your subscription form

Subscription forms are an essential tool for every business to benefit from, allowing you to grow your list in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Our platform's Form Designer provides you with endless options when it comes to creating perfect subscription forms that exactly fit your needs, time after time. After you have created your subscription form, one of the many choices available to your is whether to add a close icon or close text to it.

Let's see how to do that:

1. Scroll down the General settings, located on the left side of your Form Designer, until you reach Closing Options.add_close_text_or_icon_to_subscription_form_1.png


2. You have two closing options available to you, which can be selected by checking the box next to each.

Your closing options are:

  • Close Icon
  • Close Text

You must choose at least one closing option, but you are free to display both if you prefer.


3. When you check the Close Icon option, a couple of additional setup options appear.add_close_text_or_icon_to_subscription_form_2.png


4. Click on the Icon Color field to choose your desired close icon color, out of a color palette.


5. Use the up/down arrows in the Icon Position field to adjust the position of your close icon.add_close_text_or_icon_to_subscription_form_3.png

Note that you also have the option of changing the appearance of the text, as well.