Add a close icon or close text to your subscription form

Subscription forms are an essential tool for every business to benefit from, allowing you to grow your list in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Our platform's Form Designer provides you with many options when it comes to adjusting your design and one of the many choices available to you is whether to add a close icon or close text to it.

To add a close icon or close text to your form:

  1. In the designer’s left pane, click the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down and click the Closing Options drop-down menu.
  3. Select at least one closing option to add to your form. You can select Close Icon, Close Text, or both
  4. If you selected Close Icon, you can set the following:
    • Icon Color- select the color of the close icon. 
    • Icon Position- enter the value or use the up and down arrows to edit the position of the close icon in the subscription form.
  5. If you selected Close Text, enter the text that you want to be displayed to close the form.
    Tip: You can use the text toolbar to edit or format the text such as changing its color, font, size, alignment, and other properties as needed.