Change the settings of your Spacer element inside the Form Designer

A Spacer is an element that creates space between two elements of your subscription form design.


To customize the Spacer element of your subscription form design when you are inside the Form Designer, just follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Spacer element inside your design.spacer_element_settings_in_form_designer_3.png

The Spacer Settings are instantly displayed on the left side of the Form Designer.


2. Click on the Background Color field to choose a color for your Spacer's background out of a color palette.

The background color is set to transparent by default, but you can choose the color that best fits your design.


3. Use the up/down arrows in the Height field to increase or decrease the size of your Spacer.

You can also type the desired number directly into the Height field.

4. Drag the double pointed arrow, located at the bottom of the Spacer to adjust its height.spacer_element_settings_in_form_designer_4.png

Keep in mind that the minimum setting is 5 px.