Change the settings of your Structure inside the Form Designer

Our platform's Form Designer provides you with beautiful, ready-to-use Templates for your subscription forms, but also gives you the tools you need to adjust them as you see fit. This way, you can ensure that your subscription form design looks exactly as you want it to.

One way to adjust your design is by changing the settings of its Structure inside the Form Designer.

Let's see how you can do that:

1. Click on the settings symbol, appearing on the right side of each Container when you place your mouse over it, to access its settings.change_structure_settings_in_form_designer_1.png

The Structure settings will immediately be made available on the left side of your Designer page.

2. Set each detail of the Structure settings to fit the style of your design. You have a vast array of settings to customize:

  • Padding
    Ranges from 0 to 2000, increasing both the left and right padding of the row and subsequently decreasing the space available for the row's slots. Click on the lock icon to reveal the full range of Padding options, which are: Padding Top, Padding Bottom, Padding Left and Padding Right.

  • Row Color
    Changes the color of the row using both a color palette and a Hex code as options. You can use the available transparency slider-bar to set the color back to transparent.
  • Border Width
    Adjust border width using the up/down arrows. The maximum possible value for border width is 2000.

  • Border Radius
    Adjust border radius using the up/down arrows. The maximum possible value for border radius is 2000.

  • Row Border Color
    Adjust row border color using both a color palette and a Hex code as options.   
  • Content Background Image
    Adds a background image to a container, which you can either upload from your computer or pick from the internet using any of the available sources. The content background image will be adjusted to fit your structure's width.

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