Check if you have done the DKIM and SPF verification right

Increasing the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns doesn't require that you are a deliverability expert - it is a simple process of making sure that email clients (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook<, etc.) know you are sending out legit newsletters.
The most crucial thing to do is to verify both your DKIM and your SPF records. Don't worry, most popular hosting providers make the verification process very easy. 


To check if your DKIM and SPF verification were successful just follow the steps below:

A. Checking your DKIM key 

Visit DMARC Advisor.

1. Fill in your domain name and then tap on Check my domain.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_1.png

Make sure that you haven't used "www." when adding your domain name.


2. In the DKIM section, fill in "ms" in the Enter selector field and click on the Inspect DKIM button.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_2.png


3. After tapping on Details, check that your DKIM Key is valid and what its value is.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_3.png

It is highly advised that you compare the key to your DKIM records on our platform.


4. Hover your mouse over the Account button, located at the top right corner of your Dashboard page and then, click on the Settings option.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_4.png


5. On the menu appearing, click on the Senders option.


6. Click on the sender's email whose DKIM key you want to check.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_5.png


7. Check the DKIM key in the designated TXT record value area.


B. Check your SPF records

1. After performing the same process described above, go to the SPF section and tap on Details.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_6.png


2. Check that your SPF record is valid. If you need further insight into your SPF record, click on SPF Surveyor.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_7.png

Please note that you can also check your domain's DMARC record using the same tool. Just go to the DMARC section and tap on Details once more.dkim_and_spf_proper_verification_8.png