What is the Slot Vertical Align and how can you use it to design your landing page

When editing your landing page layout, each layout comes with its own fully customizable group of row and slot settings. One of the most useful options contained in the settings is the slot Vertical Align.  

To edit the Slot Vertical Align:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over a layout to display the Actions menu.
    Note: Make sure that you choose a layout that has at least two slots in it - anything but a Full Width Container will serve as a good example. Adding a Text item and some quick content will make the effect of a Vertical Align change on a slot clearly discernible.
  2. Click Settings to display the Layout settings in the editor's right pane.
  3. Click the Slot drop-down menu to display additional options.
  4. In Vertical Align, select one of the vertical alignment options. You can select the following:
    • Top - Aligns the content of the slot to the top of the slot.
    • Middle Aligns the content of the slot to the middle of the slot.
    • Bottom Aligns the content of the slot to the bottom of the slot.

Note: If for example, you select the Bottom option, the text you have added should move inside the slot according to the Vertical Align setting you chose.