What is the Slot Background Color and how can you use it to design your landing page

When editing your landing page layout, each layout comes with its own fully customizable group settings. One of the most useful options contained in the settings is the slot Background Color.  Typically, the background color for each slot is set as transparent, but the option is there if you want to use it. 

To edit the Slot Background Color:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over a layout to display the Actions menu.
    Note: Make sure that you choose a layout that has no item in it. This way, you can clearly see how changing the slot Background Color option actually affects the look of your newsletter design.
  2. Click Settings to display the Layout settings in the designer's right pane.
  3. Click the Slot drop-down menu to display additional options.
  4. In Background Color, select the slot background color. You can select the color from the following parts of the palette:
    • The color gradient map - select the gradient of the color you want to use.
    • The color bar with all the colors available - select the color you want to use from the bar.
    • The transparency bar - set the slider to the far left to make the colored area fully transparent. Setting the slider on the far right removes any transparency setting.
    • The hex code for the current color choice - enter the Hex code or the values for each color constituent separately (R is for Red, G is for Green, B is for Blue and A is for Transparency).
    • The preset color options - select available preset color options for you to choose a color quickly.