Use the helper grid to design your landing page

The Helper grid in the Landing Page Designer enables you to design your landing page easily by knowing where you can add your design components. When switched on, you can get suggestions where you can add a layout or an item in the editing area. This is an alternative to the drag and drop process of adding containers and items to fill up the empty workspace.

To use the Helper grid:

  1. On the top menu, click the switch to enable the Helper grid. The editing area now changes to grid view and shows buttons for adding items and layouts.
    Note: If you are starting a design from scratch, you must first click Choose Layout to add your first container. Then in the Start building your layout dialog, click a container that you want to add to the newsletter.
  2. Click Add layout or Add item to continue designing. The available containers or items are displayed in the editing area. 
  3. Continue building your landing page design by adding more items or containers.
    When you have added all the containers and items, you can edit them as usual. You can click the switch to disable the Helper grid to check how your design looks and then enable it to add more containers and items as needed.