The Padding and how you can use it to design your subscription form

Subscription forms are an essential tool for every business to benefit from, allowing you to grow your list in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Our platform's Form Designer provides you with many options when it comes to adjusting your design and one of the many choices available to you is the Padding option.

To edit the padding of a subscription form

  1. In the Items tab, click Settings_icon_2.png beside the Structure to display the Row settings in the designer's right pane. 
    Note: You can also hover your mouse over the structure in the editing area, and in the Actions menu, click Settings.
  2. In Padding, click the lock icon to display these options: Padding TopPadding BottomPadding Left , and Padding Right, then enter the row padding or use the up and down arrows to edit the padding from 0 to 2000.
    Note: Increasing the amount increases the left and right lining of the particular row and subsequently decreases the space available for the row's slots.