What is the Tag added recipe and how you can use it

The Tag added recipe can be used if you want certain actions to take place after a tag is added to the subscribers included in one (or all) of your email lists. Use this information to automatically organize a personalized experience based on the data provided by the tag(s) added.


If you have already found the tag added recipe among the available recipesand know how recipes are laid out, then let's go right ahead and check its ingredients:

A. Overviewtag_added_recipe_1.png

The trigger (1) for this recipe is called When any tag is added and, as its name implies, it fires up your automation when any tag is added to the recipients of one (or all) of your mailing lists. Following the trigger is a Wait for 5 minute(s) control step (2), which allows 5 minutes to pass before certain action takes place, which will be dictated by the flow step you set up afterward (3).


B. Changing the Recipe 
If you are already familiar with how to use Action steps and how to use Conditional / Control steps, you can use that knowledge to change parts of this recipe as you see fit. It's exactly like creating or editing one of your own automation designs: you can add steps, remove steps, or edit the steps already available to fit your design's needs.

You can also save your changes as a custom recipe, and use it at your leisure.tag_added_recipe_2.png


C. Using the Recipe

A recipe cannot be activated as it is. You first need to complete all the incomplete tasks found in the task list and transform the recipe into a fully functional automation workflow. The Tag added recipe requires the following tweaks:

1. Click on the When any tag is added trigger.


2. Choose the mailing list to which this trigger will be applied, from the drop-down menu.tag_added_recipe_new_3.png

You will need to set to which mailing list this widget will be applied. Your options are:

  • Apply to all email lists
  • Apply to mailing list <mailing list>
  • ...

Click on the Save button when you are done.


3. Click on the Wait for 5 minute(s) step.


4. Set the required time value and measurement unit, on the available fields.tag_added_recipe_4.png


5. Select the flow step that you want to be performed when the Tag added recipe is set into motion.


6. Don't forget to activate your automation by toggling the switch to Active.