Edit items in a subscription form

If you are designing a subscription form in the Form Designer using a predefined template, your design already has a default layout that you can edit. This layout contains one or more slots and supports specific items such as images, text, spacers, and so on that are defaulted in their corresponding slots. You can not add new items to your form. You can only edit, delete, or re-add items that are defaulted in your selected template.

The image shows the Items tab, the Actions menu, and the Item settings.ItemsSF2withlabels.png

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A. Delete or re-add default items

  1. In the designer’s left pane, click the Items tab. You can find the following items defaulted in your form based on the template you've selected:
    • Image - an image in your form.
    • Text - a text item in your form.
    • Spacer - a space or a line between items in your form.
    • Form- a subscription item that contains an email field and a button.
    • Timer - a visual reminder that counts down to a specific date and time for an event.
  2. To delete an item, unselect the item in the Items tab. The item is removed from your design.
  3. To re-add an item, just re-select the item in the Items tab. The item displays in the design.

B. Move, duplicate, or delete an item

  1.  In the editing area, hover your mouse over an item to display the Actions menu.
  2. Click one of the options on the Actions menu:
    • Move - moves the item to a different slot in the editing area. You can move items to rearrange your design.
    • Expand - expands the menu to show additional actions for items.
    • Settings - opens the right pane to display the item settings.
    • Remove - deletes the item in your design.

C. Edit the item settings

  1. Click the item to display the settings in the designer's right pane.
  2. Edit the settings as required in your design. See the links below to learn how to edit the specific settings for each item:
  3. When you're done editing your subscription form items, you can click close_right_pane_icon_-_Copy.png  to hide the right pane and continue with your design.