Create a Clone block using our platform's Landing Pages Templates

Our platform gives you the option to create clone blocks using our templates. It might be that you have found a part of one of our platform's templates to your liking or that a structure inside one of the templates we designed for you works perfectly for your future campaign designs.

From the containers in your selected template, you can create a clone block in the Landing Page Designer and then use or delete it later.

A. Create a clone block
To create a clone block:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over the container in your template that you want to clone to display the Actions menu. 
  2. Click Create Clone Block. The Save custom container dialog appears.
  3. In the Container name field, enter the name of your clone block. Make sure you give your content block a distinct name.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

B. Find and use a clone block

To find and use a clone block:

  1. In the designer's left pane, click the Layouts tab.
  2. Browse the clone blocks you've created represented by yellow icons right below the standard structures. 
  3. Drag and drop your clone block into the editing area.

C. Delete a clone block

To delete a clone block:

  1. In the designer's left pane, click the Layouts tab.
  2. Find the clone block you want to delete and click the trash can icon. 
  3. In the dialog that appears, click OK to continue deleting the clone block. You cannot retrieve deleted clone blocks.

Note: You can also create clone blocks out of any part of your own designs that you want to use frequently (e.g. headers, footers, etc).