Set a default font in a newsletter

When editing the general settings of your newsletter, one of the settings you can customize is your newsletter font. You can select any font supported in our platform or add any available custom fonts that you want to apply to your newsletter.

However, not all e-mail clients support custom fonts. To ensure that your design works even if a custom font you've selected is not supported, you can set a default font.

To set a default font in a newsletter:

  1. In the editor’s left pane, click the Settings tab.
  2. In General settings, scroll down and click the Text drop-down menu. 
  3. Edit the settings of the default font for your newsletter text. You can set the following:
    • Default Font Color: select the font color. 
    • Default Font Size: enter the size or use the up and down arrows to edit the default font size for text.
    • Default Line Height: enter a number from 1 (single line) to 2 (double line) to adjust the default space between text lines. 
    • Default Font Family: select a font type from the drop-down list.
    • Background color: select the background color of the text.
    • Border Width: enter the text border width or use the up and down arrows to edit the width.
    • Border Color: select the text border color.
    • Border Radius: enter the radius or use the up and down arrows to edit the text border radius from 0 (rectangle) to 2000 (circle).
    • Padding: click the lock icon to display these options: Padding TopPadding BottomPadding Left and Padding Right, then enter the row padding or use the up and down arrows to edit the padding from 0 to 2000.
  4. To check the font settings you've changed, you can preview or send a test newsletter to different email clients to make sure your newsletter displays as intended.