Edit the width of a newsletter

Moosend's newsletter templates are designed to make sure emails display correctly across different email clients.  In the editor's general settings, you can adjust the template width of your newsletter to specific sizes ranging from 600 pixels to 900 pixels. 

To edit the width of a newsletter:

  1. In the editor’s left pane, click the Settings tab.
  2. In General settings, scroll down to Content Width.
  3. Select a newsletter width from the drop-down menu. The available widths in pixels are:  
    • 600 (default)
    • 660
    • 780
    • 840
    • 900 
    Important: Not all email clients support these sizes, and most email clients recommend newsletter widths to be 600 pixels.
  4. If you choose a different width than the default, a warning message is displayed. Click Got it.
  5. The editor resizes the template and any layouts, slots, or items in your newsletter automatically to fit your selected width. To check the resized template, you can preview or send a test newsletter to different email clients to make sure your newsletter displays as intended.