Add a shadow to items in landing pages and forms

You can use the shadow settings in the Landing Page Designer and Form Designer to add depth and definition to your text, images, forms, and any other items in your landing page or subscription form

To add a shadow to a landing page or a subscription form item:

  1. In the designer's left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop the item to an empty layout in the editing area.
  3. Click the item to display the settings in the designer's right pane. 
  4. Click Shadow Settings to display the Set box shadow dialog. You can set the following:
    • Horizontal Length: select the position of the shadow to the left or right of the item.
    • Vertical Length: select the position of the shadow above or below the item.
    • Blur Radius: select how sharp or blurry you want the shadow to be. 
    • Spread Radius: select the size of the shadow.
    • Color: select the shadow color.
  5. Click Apply to save your changes.