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Custom reports


Learn more about custom reports and the different type of widgets.

Moosend lets you create custom reports to help you monitor the most important data for you. A report is made up of a collection of widgets that display your data as charts, graphs, and tables. You use widgets as the building blocks of your custom reports. Different widgets work well with different field types to help you clearly display your data.

Custom report widgets

Moosend comes with the following types of widgets:

  • Campaigns - widgets that provide information about your campaign's performance.

  • Mailing Lists - widgets that show you different metrics based on the data provided by your email marketing lists.

  • Website Analytics - widgets that display website statistics. To use these specific widgets, your website must be connected to your account.

  • Senders - widgets that display your best-performing senders.

  • Growth Tools - widgets that display useful statistics about your landing pages.