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Edit the general settings of a campaign


Learn how to edit the general settings of your campaign.

Moosend lets you edit the general settings of your newsletter in the campaign editor.

You can customize the general look and feel right after you've selected a template from the Template library. You can also set up custom fonts, Google annotations, link settings, and other default settings.

To edit the general settings:

  1. In the left pane of the editor, click the Settings tab.

  2. In the General settings section, you can set the following:

    • Title -  enter a title for the newsletter design.

    • Content widthselect the newsletter width from these preset sizes in pixels: 600, 660, 780, 840, and 900.

    • Border Width - enter the width or use the up and down arrows to edit the border width.

    • Border Color - select the color of the border. The default color is black.

    • Background Color - select the background color. 

    • Add Background Image - click to select and upload a background image.

    • Background Image Repeat - select the option for background image repeat in the horizontal (x), vertical (y), or both horizontal and vertical axes, or no repeat in the layout.

    • Change Background Image - click to select a new background image and replace the current one.

    • Remove Background Image - click to delete the current background image.

  3. To select a custom font, click Google fonts to expand the section and add a custom font to your design.

  4. To add a Gmail annotation in your newsletter, click Gmail annotation to expand the section and create a Gmail annotation to highlight your emails in the Gmail Promotions tab.

  5. To change the settings of links, slots, texts, images, and other items, click the corresponding drop-down menu. You can set the color, size, padding, and fonts.