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Work with campaign layouts


Learn how to design a layout for your campaign .

If you are designing a campaign from scratch or using a predefined template in the campaign editor, you usually start by designing an overall structure, which might consist of multiple layouts. You do this by dragging and dropping different layouts into the editing area and dividing the blank workspace into different rows. Each row can have different slots where you can add items to build your design.

To be able to add items to a campaign, it must have at least one layout.

Add a layout

To add a layout:

  1. In the left pane of the editor, click the Layouts tab.

  2. Drag and drop a layout into the editing area. You can select and combine these types of layouts:

    • Full Width Container - a vertical slot which extends to the complete width of your design.

    • Half Width Container - a row divided into two equally sized vertical slots.

    • 1/3 - 2/3 Container - a row divided into two vertical slots, with the first having half the width of the second.

    • 2/3 - 1/3 Container - a row divided into two vertical slots, with the first having twice the width of the second.

    • 3 X 1/3 Container - a row divided into three equally sized vertical slots.

    • 4 X 1/4 Container - a row divided into four equally sized vertical slots.

    Repeat the process to add more layouts.

Move, duplicate, or remove a layout

To move, duplicate, or remove a layout, or to save a custom layout:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over a layout to display the Actions menu:

    The Actions menu
  2. Click one of the options on the Actions menu:

    • To move the layout to a different row in the editing area, click Move Icon_MoveContainer.png. You can move a layout to rearrange the sequence of rows.

    • To edit the settings of a layout, click Settings Icon_ContainerSettings.png.

    • To create a copy of the layout including its items and settings, click Duplicate Icon_DuplicateContainer.png.

    • To delete the layout from your design, click Remove Icon_DeleteContainer.png.

    • To save a layout design for future use click Save custom layout Icon_CreateCloneBlock.png. After you have named and saved it, you can access this layout in the Layouts tab.

Edit the settings of a layout

To edit the layout settings:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over a layout to display the Actions menu and click Settings Icon_ContainerSettings.png.

  2. In the Layout settings pane on the right, you can set the following:

    • Layout padding - enter a number (or click updownarrow.png) to edit the layout height from 0 to 2000.

    • Slot spacing - enter a number (or click updownarrow.png) to edit the distance between the slots.

    • Layout color - select the layout's color. The default color is transparent.

    • Layout Background Color (Wide) - select the layout's background color. The default color is transparent.

    • Border Radius - enter a number (or click updownarrow.png) to edit the border's radius from 0 (rectangle) to 2000 (circle).

    • Add Background Image - click to open the image picker and select and upload a background image.

    • Background Image Repeat - select the option to repeat the background image in the horizontal (x), vertical (y), or both horizontal and vertical axes of the layout.

    • Change Background Image - click to select a new background image and replace the current one.

    • Remove Background Image - click to delete the current background image.

    • Layout type - select a layout type from Normal (default) to different dynamic content blocks.

      Unlike normal layouts, dynamic content blocks, indicated by Icon_DynamicContentBlock.jpg, are fully customizable and designed to pull information from a website, showing what your customers left in their baskets or looked at on your site, or suggest products that might interest them, based on what they are buying. You can choose for example Cart AbandonmentProduct RecommendationBrowse Abandonment, and RSS Campaign blocks.

  3. To change the settings of the layout slots, click the Slot drop-down menu. You can set the background color, vertical alignment, and border radius.

  4. To display the layout's content to a specific audience, click + Add Visibility Condition to select a custom field to set who can view the content.