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Types of automation recipes


Use different types of automation recipes in Moosend to build your workflows and achieve your marketing goals.

Moosend comes with preconfigured automation recipes to streamline your workflow and save time. You can choose a recipe that suits your business requirements and modify it by editing, adding, or deleting steps as required.

The following table describes the recipes you can use to create an automation in Moosend:



Abandoned cart

Send an email message to your customers who leave items in their shopping cart on your website.


Send reminders to customers on significant dates like subscription anniversaries, purchase anniversaries, or other date-related interactions with your website via email.

Change in custom field

Send an email message to your customers when they reach a defined custom field value, such as reaching a spending limit. Reward their loyalty with incentives to keep shopping.

Happy birthday email

Send a personalized birthday email message with a gift, discount coupon, or special offer to customers on their special day.

Loyalty sequence - part 1

Automate the increase of a custom field value based on the customer's purchase count. When the set value is reached, trigger the second part of the Loyalty sequence.

Loyalty sequence - part 2

Send triggered email messages to customers when they reach the set values for custom fields like number of purchases, campaign opens, link clicks, and subscriptions.

New customer thank you email

Send a personalized thank you email message to new customers immediately after they complete their first purchase, to show appreciation and build customer loyalty.

Onboarding email sequence

Send a series of targeted email campaigns to new subscribers, starting with a welcome email message. Evaluate the responsiveness of subscribers by tracking their responses, and adjust subsequent campaigns accordingly.

Re-engagement email based on weather

Send weather-sensitive product offers via email to customers who click links in your campaigns.

Repeat purchases reminder

Send an automated email reminder to customers based on recurring due dates for events such as placing an order, renewing a subscription, replenishing products, or topping-up accounts.

Special offer reminder

Send a targeted email offer to customers who have viewed a specific product or page on your website but have not yet made a purchase.

Specific area of interest

Send an email message to first-time visitors of a specific page on your website, offering targeted promotions or incentives to encourage them to complete a purchase.

Specific custom field value is changed

Send a personalized email message to customers after they have updated a specific custom field, such as adding a Country value. Thank them for the update and offer relevant information or promotions based on their new field value.

Survey buyers

Send an email message to customers to gather feedback on their purchase experience and ask for their opinions.


Send an email message to customers offering complementary products to their recent purchase to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Weather-based upsell or cross-sell

Send an email message offering complementary products based on weather in the customer's location, after they make a purchase.

Website re-engagement email

Send an email message to inactive customers to re-engage them and encourage them to continue browsing and making purchases on your website.

Welcome email sequence

Send a welcome email message to new subscribers, followed by a series of email campaigns, to engage and nurture them.