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Audience discovery


Learn about the different types of triggers you can use in an automation.

Audience discovery is a tool within Moosend that supports creating segments to use in campaigns through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It enables you to identify your audiences based on their behavior and preferences and use this information to improve your email marketing campaigns by adding personalized content.

With audience discovery, Moosend automatically detects information such as purchase probability and interest for product category and applies this information to your email lists. You can use this information to help manage your audience and, for example, send a relevant campaign to customers with interest.

Audience discovery uses the tracking mechanism which tracks certain actions of your customers on your website, such as product views, add to cart, and purchase and analyzes this information using filtering and machine learning models. The results of the analysis of these actions, also known as events. Events are stored as tags, in the email list that is created when you connect a website to your account.

As part of audience discovery, Moosend also offers automated segments and automated campaigns.

Use cases for audience discovery

Audience discovery is designed to help you:

  • Reward your recent loyal customers by sending them a loyalty gift from your online shop.

  • Promote your new arrivals of a specific product to people that are interested in that product category.

  • Attract customers with high purchase intent on a specific product category with a discount coupon.

Use cases for automated segments and campaigns

Audience discovery automations is designed to help you:

  • Create premade segments, ready use in campaigns.

  • Gain insights into your audiences, with minimal effort.

  • Utilize segments to provide more personalized content.

  • Send automated, up-to-date campaigns with high-interest products to segments with high purchase intent.