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Understanding audience discovery automations


Describes how you can use automated segments and campaigns with audience discovery.

With audience discovery enabled, you can automate the process of detecting segments and creating automated campaigns.

Based on your audience discovery tags and criteria, you can set up Moosend to create three automated segments and three automated campaigns on your account. These are created with prefilled information and a standard Audience discovery title, and you can use them as they are, edit them, or ignore them.

Automated segments and automated campaigns appear on your segment or campaign list and they are updated automatically once a week to ensure that they are based on the latest data.

When you edit an automated segment or campaign and save it, it is saved as your own and is no longer automatically updated.

Use cases

  • Automate the process of detecting segments.

  • Use automated campaigns to send personalized content with minimal effort.

Automated segments

With automated segments, Moosend creates premade segments based your customers' purchase probability and interest for product category.

The three automated segments appear in your Segments list. They are based on the website email list (Subscribers from your website) and are marked with the Audience Discovery label.

The titles of the automated segments are:

  • Audience Discovery Segment: Most profitable audience

  • Audience Discovery Segment: Audience most likely to purchase

  • Audience Discovery Segment: Most viewed product category

Automated campaigns

With automated campaigns, Moosend creates premade campaigns, based on the automated segments.

The three automated campaigns appear as drafts in your Campaigns list. The titles are marked with Lightbulb_icon.jpg and the Audience Discovery label is applied.

All the campaign settings are predefined as follows:

  • In Set basic settings - a campaign name, a generic subject line, and preview text.

    The titles of the automated campaigns are:

    • Audience Discovery Campaign: Most profitable audience

    • Audience Discovery Campaign: Audience most likely to purchase

    • Audience Discovery Campaign: Most viewed product category

  • In the From name / email address field, the system inserts the best performing sender (meaning the sender whose email messages are opened the most).

  • The Track your campaign with Google Analytics and Track your campaign revenue switches are set to On.

  • In Choose email list - the website email list (Subscribers from your website) is selected, together with the automated segment which is relevant for the campaign.

  • In Design - a design is automatically created.

    It contains up to three products from the category that the campaign segment is most interested, product images, and links to the products on your website. If the system can find your logo on your website, it will be used instead of the default logo.

  • In Schedule delivery - the I want to send this campaign now switch is set to On (but the campaign is a draft and is not sent automatically).