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Edit the mobile version of your newsletter


Learn how to view and edit your newsletter for display on mobile devices.

The campaign editor lets you preview your newsletter in desktop view Icon_desktop_view.png and mobile view Icon_mobile_view.png. By default, the preview is set to desktop view. This topic describes how you can preview how your newsletter displays on mobile phones and how you can edit the newsletter.

To edit the mobile version of your newsletter:

  1. In the campaign editor, open the newsletter and click Icon_mobile_view.png.

    You can now edit the mobile version of your newsletter. Any changes you make will be applied only to the mobile version of your newsletter and will not affect the desktop version.


    Sometimes changes made on the mobile version will not apply. For example, for many Android email client versions, including Samsung mail changes will not apply. On the Gmail mobile app, changes to the background color of the mobile version will not display and the app ignores all changes in case of too many differences. In case the mobile version is not supported, the desktop version will be applied.

  2. To make changes, click the item and in the right panel apply the changes.

To revert changes:

  • To revert changes, on the right-hand side of the canvas click Revert_cogwheel.png, then click one of the options:

    • Revert All Changes: Reverts all changes made to the mobile version.

    • Revert General Settings: Reverts all changes made on the general settings of the mobile version.

    • Revert Row settings: Reverts any changes made on the row settings.

To enable vertical display orientation:

  • The mobile view lets you view the slots of a row vertically, to make sure that your design works well when being viewed on a small screen.

    Under General settings, under Display Orientation, click Vertical button.