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Test a newsletter design inside the campaign editor


Preview your newsletter or send a test campaign.

Before you send a newsletter, you might want to test the design. You can test newsletter designs in two ways. If you want to see the result of changes as you make them, you can use the Preview Mode in the editor. If you want to test how your final design looks in real email messages, you can send a test email campaign to a couple of email addresses of your choice.


The unsubscribe link and personalization tags do not work on test campaigns, since you are not sending them to actual subscriber lists. The sender name does not appear in the recipient's inbox campaign and there are no statistics recorded when sending out test campaigns.

To send a test email campaign:

  1. In the campaign editor, on the top menu, click Send test.

  2. In the Send test dialog, in the Email field, enter the email address that you want to send the campaign to.

  3. To add the email address as a recipient, press Enter.

  4. To add a recently used email address, click the email address displayed under Recently used.


    You can have up to 6 recipients for your test email campaign.

  5. To send the test campaign, in the menu on the left, click Send.

  6. In the pop-up window that appears, confirm that you want to continue sending the test campaign. Your test campaign is now sent to the recipients' inboxes.